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Custom App Development

We will develop a small app for your business or personal use. It can be a simple Python script that automates some tasks or even a web app with a custom GUI. If you have a specific need for a script or a program contact us. We will understand your needs and agree on a decent price.

Website building

Craft a website that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to build a portfolio, start a blog, or launch an online shop, our platform offers the versatility to bring your vision to life.

Automatic HARO Responder

We've developed a platform to automate responses to all HARO queries, optimizing your engagement with journalists on their daily emails. The automation can send customized emails with your bio, expert answers, and essential contact information.

Guest Posting - Become A Contributer

Publish your guest post on this platform or any of our partner sites for enhanced visibility. With a domain authority of 50, a permanent do-follow link will significantly boost your website's ranking, driving increased organic traffic from Google.

programming coaching

We will coach beginners programmers who wish to create a program but dont know how to start or which platforms or software to use. reach us with an idea and we will guide you through it. From small scripts to data management systems, SAAS platforms, and more!

SEO Optimized Article

We will provide a fully SEO-optimized article about any subject, based on any keyword within several days. The article will be 2000-3500 words in human English with a Surfer SEO score of above average for the targeted keyword with Webp images for optimized load speed.


HARO Responder

  • 3 Times A Day To All Queries
  • GPT API Integration
  • Cloud Setup

Guest Post

  • Permanent Post
  • 2 Do-Follow links
  • 700+ words
  • Human Content
  • No Plagiarism

SEO Optimized Article

  • 1500-2500 words
  • SurferSEO score - Top Score for It's Targeted Keyword

 Yuval masterfully crafted my website, orlyeiziktherapy.com, capturing the core of my psychotherapy practice. The website genuinely represents my services and resonates deeply with my clients. I'm immensely grateful for Yuval's expertise and dedication throughout this process. 






Exploring GPT-55X's Creative Capabilities

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Aidot Winees Floodlight Security Camera Review - Illuminating and Fortifying Your Property

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Product Review: AIDOT Enhulk Cordless Snow Blower - Beyond Expectations

Product Review: AIDOT Enhulk Cordless Snow Blower - Beyond Expectations

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My name is Yuval Eizik, I'm 22 years old. I am really passionate about technology and online business. I hope you enjoy my "tech paradise" website, a place for all the hottest technology trends and services. I would like to tell you about myself and provide information about my website so you will be able to get the most out of it.

So I live in Israel Tel Aviv, "the start-up nation", as they say. right now, it is more like "the nation where everyone tries not to get kidnapped by Hamas," but let's leave that aside for now. I'm studying mechanical engineering and computer science at Afeka, an excellent college for engineering.

I pursued IT in the IDF, where I explained more about the Experience section. My army service provided a great technological background and the ability to deal with stress. I learned so much about developing programs and starting a big project so I was able to channel all this knowledge to creating this online business: yuvaleizikblog.com.

This website presents the services that me and my employees offer, the expertise and knowledge and much more. The blogs provide invaluable knowledge for everyone who wants to do online business or wishes to jump on the hottest technological trends of 2023, and soon 2024!.

If you wonder what business tools are the best, we got you! If you are interest in GPT5, AI tools, how to do affiliate marketing and earn passive income like us, you guessed it, we got you!
Basmah Course - Data Center Manager

Basmah Course - Data Center Manager

One of my most profound experiences in my journey was serving in the Basmah, the specialized unit for computer courses in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Basmah is at the forefront of preparing new soldiers for various technological recruits. I was privileged to undergo the Data Center Manager course – a training program encompassing multiple topics: hardware, networking, storage , disaster recovery, Microsoft, and virtualization. This intensive training shaped my understanding of data management and left an unforgettable mark on my professional journey.

Army Service - Data Center Manager in Mamram

Army Service - Data Center Manager in Mamram

Another significant chapter in my life was my time spent at Mamram, the unit for data management systems and computers within the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Mamram plays a pivotal role in managing Israel's digital infrastructures. During my service there, I specialized in storage technologies, mastering the art of safeguarding and optimizing data resources. My experiences at Mamram sharpened my technical skills and instilled a sense of purpose in serving and protecting our nation's digital assets.

Mechanical Engineering And Computer Science At Afeka - College for Engineering In Tel Aviv

Mechanical Engineering And Computer Science At Afeka - College for Engineering In Tel Aviv

Following my service in Mamram, I started studying mechanical engineering and computer science. Filled with tons of curiosity to learn more, I was not sure what to choose between my passion for programming and my interest in building physical structures. Eventually decided to go for the dual program of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science in Afeka. In 2024, halfway through this dual program, I reflect on my choice with immense satisfaction. The program has not only broadened my academic horizons but also empowered me to establish my own online business which you see here.

Online Business - Blogging

Online Business - Blogging

In the middle of 2023, I embarked on an exciting venture: my blog. It started as a portfolio and then quickly became an online business. Hosted on Site123, I started writing blogs on technology, business, and various products of my interest. With time, this blog reflected my expertise and a substantial source of passive income. I've turned my blog into a full-time online job by diversifying my income streams through digital product sales, advertising, and astute affiliate marketing tactics. Statistics dictate that about 40% of bloggers can achieve full-time income passively after two years, before all the latest tools.

Passive income - Affiliate Marketing

Passive income - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful digital strategy where you earn commissions by promoting products or services for third-party companies. When a visitor clicks on a link in my blog and makes a purchase, I receive a portion of the profit. This mechanism has been instrumental in generating passive income for me, turning my writing passion into a financially rewarding venture.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Can I Leave A Guest Post?

Of course, contact on the website contact form or those emails: yuval.eizik3669@gmail.com, yuvaleizik@yuvaleizikblog.com. Domain Authority is 50, so it could drastically improve your site ranking.

Can You Make Me A Website like this one?

Of course! I can make you a fully customizable website for your preferences. It can be a portfolio, affiliate blog, online store, or whatever fills your needs. I can add as many sections as possible for your needs :)

Is This Website Making You Money?

Not just money but passive income from my affiliate blogs. Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to help others sell their products from your provided links. In return, you get a percentage of the sale. If you want a more in-depth guide, you are welcome to view my free blog on how to do affiliate marketing.

Why did people hesitate using your website building services?

People heard I built on site123 and were afraid Google wouldn't like the website builder because it's not as popular as  WordPress or Wix. Site123 is actually a great website builder with all the necessary tools and features. It was featured in the list of the best website builders by "website builder expert".

why did people suspect using the HARO responder

HARO does not accept a lot of spam and GPT answers. The answers come out semi-AI. What you can do is humanize it manually before u send them automatically