Website building

Craft a website that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to build a portfolio, start a blog, or launch an online shop, our platform offers the versatility to bring your vision to life.

Custom App Development

We will develop a small app for your business or personal use. It can be a simple Python script that automates some tasks or even a web app with a custom GUI.

programming coaching

We will coach beginner programmers who wish to create a program but dont know how to start or which platforms or software to use. reach us with an idea and we will guide you through it. From small scripts to data management systems, SAAS platforms, and more!

Social Media Management

Elevate your online presence with our expert Social Media Management services. We specialize in curating engaging content, managing interactions, and analyzing performance across all major platforms.

Automatic like4like Player

Enhance your social media engagement with our Like4Like campaign management services. Like4Like campaigns are a strategic way to increase interaction on your social media posts by exchanging likes with other users. Our team expertly manages these campaigns, ensuring authentic engagement and growth on all platforms automatically with scripts

Whatsapp Business Integration

Enhance your customer communication with seamless WhatsApp Business integration. Our service connects WhatsApp directly with your business operations, enabling personalized customer interactions, automated responses, and efficient support.

SEO Optimized Article

We will provide a fully SEO-optimized article about any subject, based on any keyword within several days. The article will be 2000-3500 words in human English with top score for the targeted keyword with Webp images for optimized load speed.

Automatic HARO Responder

We've developed a platform to automate responses to all HARO queries, optimizing your engagement with journalists on their daily emails. The automation can send customized emails with your bio, expert answers, and essential contact information.

Prompt Engineering

We craft precise prompts and seamlessly integrate them with the GPT API to enhance your applications with advanced natural language understanding. Whether it's for chatbots, content generation, or data analysis, and more

3d printing

We offer professional 3D printing services that bring your ideas to life. Whether you're looking to prototype a product, create custom parts, or produce unique art pieces, our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology ensures high-quality results. Materials available: PLA, ABS and TPU.

3d modeling

Automatic String Art Generator

Explore the creativity of string art with our offerings. Select from pre-designed pieces or customize with our "coords" option for patterns and instructions. Our DIY kits supply all you need for a hands-on project, or choose our complete art service for a crafted piece delivered to you, ensuring a blend of personalization and convenience.