Mobile Legends: Best Junglers, Ranked

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features several junglers. But with a wide variety of ML heroes available, which one stands out in the jungle this season? This article explores the current meta and Mobile Legends ranks some of the most potent junglers in MLBB.

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The Damage Dealers: Early Game Dominators

 These MLBB junglers excel at early-game pressure, invading enemy Mobile Legends jungles, and securing early kills to snowball an advantage. 

Paquito (Fighter): This charismatic Mobile Legends boxer packs a powerful punch. His "Jab" allows for quick jungle clears, while his "Knockout Drive" is a potent ganking tool. He excels at snowballing an early lead and disrupting enemy backlines.

Karina (Assassin): Karina thrives on eliminating isolated targets. Her passive, "True Damage," shreds through enemy defenses, making her a menace to squishy Mobile Legends heroes. Her ultimate, "Shadow Rush," allows for surprise attacks and resets on elimination, letting her dominate ML team fights.

Balmond (Fighter): An oldie but a goodie, Balmond remains a force in the Mobile Legends jungle. His "Axe Swing" provides excellent area-of-effect damage for clearing jungle monsters, while his "Cyclone Spin" allows him to close the gap and deal sustained damage in team fights. 

The All-Rounders: Masters of Adaptability

These MLBB junglers offer a balance of damage, mobility, and utility, adapting to various game situations. 

Fredrinn (Fighter): This versatile fighter has taken the meta by storm. His "Charge" allows for fast Mobile Legends jungle clears and map traversal, while his ultimate, "Appraiser's Wrath," disrupts enemies and creates openings for his ML team. He can be built tanky or damage-focused, depending on team needs.

Aamon (Assassin): This edgy hero offers a unique blend of ranged and melee combat. His "Forked Lightning" clears jungle creeps effectively, while his "Thousand Blades" allows for ranged poke and burst damage. He can reposition himself with "Void Eclipse," making him a slippery assassin in team fights.

Ling (Assassin): A master of mobility, Ling utilizes walls to his advantage. His "Finisher" allows for acrobatic maneuvers and quick Mobile Legends jungle clears. His ultimate, "Tempest of Blades," grants invisibility and resets upon elimination, allowing him to dominate team fights and secure multiple MLBB kills. 

The MLBB Tank Junglers: Guardians Of The Team

These tanky MLBB junglers prioritize objective control, initiating team fights, and creating space for their carries to shine. 

Baxia (Tank): This turtle Mobile Legends hero excels at area denial and crowd control. His "Shell Shield" reflects damage and slows enemies, while his ultimate, "Spiked Shell," disrupts formations and allows teammates to follow up. He's a nightmare for squishy ML heroes and a valuable asset in team fights.

Franco (Tank): The Mobile Legends hook master, Franco, is a high-risk, high-reward jungler. His "Iron Hook" can pull enemies out of position, creating kill opportunities for his team. His ultimate, "Bloody Ravage," deals heavy damage and suppresses enemies, making him a potent initiator. However, landing his hook skill shots is crucial for success.

Barats (Fighter): This unique Mobile Legends hero transforms into a giant beetle with his ultimate "Big Guy." In his default form, Barats can clear the jungle quickly with his "Detonator." As "Big Guy," he gains immense durability and area-of-effect damage, making him a frontline nightmare for the enemy team. To try out these Mobile Legends heroes for yourself, get some diamond ML at U7BUY!