Doesn’t your air conditioner cool anymore? It is high time you called in professionals for a professional ac overhaul by 7days aircon servicing. This extensive service can breathe new life into your air conditioning system. 

Why Overhaul Matters

To properly maintain it. It is a lube job for the AC that increases performance and lifespan, not a quick fix. 

Signs You Need an Overhaul When: 

  • Blows hot air.
  • Makes funny sounds.
  • Electricity bills are increasing.
  • Goes on and off intermittently.

What is an AC Overhaul?

It requires complete washing of the unit’s internals. Professionals like examine and repair all the components, making it work again. 

Benefits of AC Overhaul

Better Cooling

A clean conditioner cools better. Dust and debris clog airflow paths. Restoration gets rid of these obstacles, thus improving cooling efficiency. 

Energy Savings

A well-functioning unit consumes less electricity power; this saves money on your bills. This also suits your budget and considers nature as well. 

Longer Lifespan

Routine maintenance prevents deterioration. Consequently, this extends its operating life cycle, leading to prolonged use. 

Overhaul Steps

Initial Inspection

Firstly, technicians conduct a thorough examination. It involves identifying areas that need to be serviced or repaired by them later in the process of servicing before they commence their work at hand. 

Deep Cleaning

All parts are given deep cleaning treatments such as washing, scrubbing, etc. So that they will function efficiently again since dust particles have been removed from each one of them. It makes them even more efficient than ever before due to their originality being restored. 

Component Check

Essential sections, like the compressor fan thermostat, get checked, too. Faulty parts must be fixed or replaced with new ones if any are found during this evaluation process carried out by professionals who come to these premises for maintenance purposes only. 

Refrigerant Check

Refrigerant levels matter most in an AC system. If it’s below the prescribed level, they add more refrigerants and repair any leaks detected during their survey of the whole plant. 

When to Schedule Overhaul

Regular Schedule

Book your annual overhaul. This will keep your air-con working optimally. 

After Heavy Use

If you use your AC a lot, consider more frequent overhauls. There is heavy wear and tear from frequent usage. 

Choosing a Professional

Experienced Technicians

Choose a company with expert technicians who have worked on various models from all manufacturers. 

Positive Reviews

Look at online reviews for good companies with positive customer feedback or high ratings on various platforms such as Google Maps, among others like Yelp. Here people can find loads of helpful info about anything relating to themselves. 

Fair Pricing

Request estimates from some firms, then select one that offers affordable pricing without comprising the quality of service provided to its clients. 

DIY vs. Professional Overhaul

Why DIY is Risky

AC overhaul is complicated work and can lead to irreparable damage if mishandled by someone who does not know how these units function internally due to a lack of experience. Instead, it would be much safer to hire an expert who knows what they are doing when trying to service such equipment accurately. It prevents further complications from arising unnecessarily making things even worse for the homeowners themselves. 

Professional Advantages

The professionals have the tools and skills needed to ensure everything goes according to their desired plans while working on units. This saves you from the stress and danger of fixing the device yourself. 


It is essential to overhaul your AC. It improves cooling, saves energy, and extends lifespan. Professionals do it better. Regular overhauls mean a long-lasting AC unit.