Is your online presence cluttered with multiple Facebook pages, or do you need to let go of an outdated business page? Whatever your reason, taking control of your digital footprint starts with understanding how to delete a Facebook page. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, provide alternatives, and help you protect your data.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook page.
  • Follow this step-by-step guide to delete your page on desktop, or use the mobile app for easy deletion.
  • Take special considerations when handling business pages. Alternatives such as unpublishing are available too.

Understanding Facebook Page Deletion: What You Need to Know

Prior to continuing the deletion process, it is important to differentiate between deactivating and deleting a Facebook page. Deactivation hides the page from view but saves all associated information. In contrast, removing all evidence of it permanently. Only administrators have authority over this action, if you are not able to access your account anymore, reach out for help from customer service at Facebook. This guide provides directions suitable for most types of devices. Some may differ based on software/hardware being used.

For 30 days after erasure by Facebook personal accounts and their data remain retrievable providing an opportunity during that time period where you can save any relevant content before eventual complete elimination takes place thereafter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Your Facebook Page on Desktop

Log in to your account and find the Facebook page you want to delete. Click on “Settings” located at the upper right corner of your screen. Then, open up the “General” tab and scroll down until you reach a section called “Remove Page.” From there, select “Permanently Delete [Page Name]. Lastly, click on ‘Delete Page’ - this is when it’s time for reconfirmation that indeed will result with permanent deletion after two weeks if nothing is done about it during that period of time. However if a change has happened towards a reversal action just log back into account selecting option indicated restoring specific pages.

Deleting a Facebook Page Using the Mobile App

For those who utilize an Android or iOS device and use either the Facebook app or its Lite version, deleting a page is quite simple. With the help of Facebook’s application, you can select delete your unwanted page. To get started on this process, open up the 3 horizontal lines located in lower right corner then click Pages to pick out which one should be removed. Tap onto the gear icon situated at top right followed by scrolling down through general section for “Remove Page” selection option before clicking “Delete Page” as final step and later confirm it afterwords if needed also remind that deleted pages will remain deactivated within 30 days period yet could be restored back with logging into account just like normal again if user decides to change their mind regarding deletion matter anytime during such time frame. Too many.

Handling Business Pages: Special Considerations

Before deleting a Facebook Business page, it’s important for the owner to back up any data and tools connected with their business. Such information includes ads accounts, Pages or product catalogs associated with that particular account. Once deletion is completed, it can not be undone. Making backups of all necessary content before taking action is critical.

To create copies of your Company-related materials as you go through the process of removing your Business Page from Facebook: follow these steps described in Fact 4_2 which will guarantee recovery when everything has been deleted permanently.

Alternatives to Page Deletion

If you’re hesitant about completely deleting your Facebook page, we suggest two potential solutions: unpublishing it or combining it with another page. In this section, let’s look into each one of these ideas regarding the management of a Facebook Page.

Hit Pause by Unpublishing Your Page

Hiding your Facebook page from the public can be done by unpublishing it. This process is very easy and only requires accessing page settings via either a desktop or mobile device, selecting “Page Visibility” then ticking off the box that says “Unpublish Page” before saving changes. Doing this permits you to save all information linked to your account while keeping open the opportunity of reactivating at some point in the future if desired.

Combining Two Pages: How to Merge

If you need to unify two Facebook pages or just get rid of duplicates, merging them may be a great solution. To perform this task, these steps should be taken: firstly navigate to the page that is intended for keeping. Then click “Settings” in top right corner and choose “New Pages experience” from left menu and select “Merge Pages”. After completing all requested actions, both websites will merge with their followers combined into one page, main one. Bear in mind that names on both sites must match as well they have to represent the same entity before starting the process of combining them together.

Reactivating a Deleted Page: Can You Bring It Back?

If you recently decided to take down your Facebook page, but now want it back up again - don’t panic! As long as the deletion happened in the last 30 days, simply log on and re-activate it. Keep in mind that this period cannot be extended. So if unsure or wanting a short break from social media, try other methods such as unpublishing pages or merging them together (see Section 5 for more details).

Pre-Deletion Checklist: Safeguarding Your Data

Before fully deleting your Facebook page, make sure you have taken the necessary steps to keep all of its data and notify everyone following it. To communicate this decision with contacts, write a message or email them or post an announcement on the actual page itself. Save any media shared such as images and videos by adhering to Fact 7_2’s instructions.

Ensure that you back up everything from said page by following what is stated in Fact 7_3 before proceeding with removing it completely - giving peace of mind knowing both users’ data has been secured plus they are aware beforehand of why it was removed.


In this guide, we’ve outlined the steps to delete a Facebook page, whether it’s a personal or business page, on desktop or mobile devices. We’ve also introduced alternatives like unpublishing and merging pages and provided a pre-deletion checklist to safeguard your data. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take control of your digital presence and make informed decisions about your Facebook pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, log in on a computer and click the profile picture at the top right corner. Choose ‘Settings & Privacy’ followed by selecting ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Your Facebook Information’, which will take you to another page for deactivation and deletion of accounts. Now choose ‘Delete Account’ option and follow directions accordingly until it is completed successfully.

How can I delete page?

To remove a page in Word, simply click or tap the desired page and then press Ctrl+G. After that type ‘page’ into the Enter page number field. Hit enter once you’re done. Close this window and ensure all content on said page is selected before finally pressing Delete on your keyboard to erase it.

Why can't I delete a page I made on Facebook?

You can’t delete a page on Facebook if you are not an admin of the Page. Additionally, if you are an admin and still can’t delete the Page, it’s possible that another admin has canceled the Page deletion before the 14-day period passed.

To delete your Page, ensure you have full control over it first.

How do I deactivate my Facebook page?

To inactivate your Facebook account, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings and then locate Account ownership and control. Navigate to the Deactivation and deletion option, select “Deactivate account”, following which you will be guided through the rest of the process until completion.

Can I cancel the deletion of my Facebook page?

If you login to Facebook within 30 days of deleting your page, it is possible to reverse the deletion process and restore your page. This applies for any pages hosted on the social media platform.

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