Top 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

E-commerce is undoubtedly a long-term trend. Hence, merchants must work hard to gain attention, as more consumers purchase online than ever.      However, what if you need a budget for advertising? Are you destined to fade into the online abyss? Not.      

More than half of consumers favor shopping online. This is great news for online sellers like you, right? With the proliferation of online marketplaces and an abundance of options available to consumers, capturing the attention required to increase traffic and revenue takes time and effort.      Therefore, in this article, we'll discuss 5 e-commerce techniques to increase traffic to your website without spending much on paid advertising. Best of all, many of these suggestions are simpler to execute than you imagine.   

1. Optimize Your Website for SEO    

Your target audience is probably already searching for products like yours on Google. It is your responsibility to ensure that your website appears in the top few results of these queries by adopting an effective eCommerce SEO plan.       To improve the effectiveness of your SEO strategy, become acquainted with crucial SEO phrases such as "keywords" and "metadata." Each of these characteristics (among others) affects your website's ranking on search engine result pages and assists search engines in determining when and how to highlight your products.      

Each page of your website must be optimized independently. However, you can simplify your job by using various built-in SEO tools, which can automatically apply some adjustments to several pages at the same time.      You can also take the help of a professional to optimize your online multi store ecommerce site. These professionals are experienced and hold expertise in optimizing websites and content. They also provide various tools, such as CMS, to enhance your website functionality.     

2. Focus on Retargeting Email Subscribers     

Once you've compiled an email list, you'll want to retarget your customers based on their online behavior. In this scenario, retargeting is referred to as sending an email to users who showed interest in your product but did not perform the desired action.     Abandoned cart emails are one of the most successful methods for your email remarketing. They recover roughly 30% of abandoned carts.     You can also send suggested products to current consumers based on their previous purchases. As previously stated, retaining existing clients is easier than finding new ones.     

Here is a brief guide on retargeting your email list subscribers:   

  • Consider all your email marketing platform's retargeting options. For instance, consumers can walk through the process with MailChimp's retargeting email instructions.   
  • Start by implementing the simplest retargeting campaigns. Product recommendations and emails about abandoned carts are typically simple wins.   
  • To find what works, try out various retargeting campaigns. For instance, provide feedback after a week or so or recommend a new collection.   

  3. Enhance Your Blog     

Google commands over 92% of the search market, so e-commerce SEO is an investment you must make if you want visitors. Creating and maintaining a blog is one of my best e-commerce strategies.      

Whether you have to employ someone or write everything yourself, start generating material on a regular basis.      

Building a blog on your e-commerce website is simple if you don't already have one. Most e-commerce platforms come with integrated blogging themes to get you started.     

4. Involve Brand Partners or Influencers       

Getting outside of your network and into someone else's is a terrific method for increasing website traffic and connecting with new but still relevant audiences. Collaborating with reputable influencers or brand partners in your industry makes gaining the confidence of prospective customers easier.        Look for well-known accounts associated with your sector on the social media networks you use to start your study. One piece of advice for Instagram is to use Webstagram, an advanced feature-rich Instagram online browser, and enter keywords associated with your company.        

Once you've made a list, go out to those brands or influencers and spend some time building a sincere, cordial rapport before settling on a deal.        Provide product samples and enough brand information to enable your partners to speak confidently about your items when introducing them to their partners.        

Consider offering exclusive discounts that they can only share with their followers or a commission for each customer who purchases from your store through your co-branded campaigns.       

 To work with a lot of influencers in the most effective way possible, you can also automate the process by developing an affiliate marketing scheme. These initiatives may result in blog entries, videos, and/or Instagram posts that point back to your website and increase traffic to your online business.     

5. Include Chat on Your Website      

You must always be available to your clients. During the sales process, 60% of consumers desire to establish a connection with someone.      

When you needed assistance finding something in a physical store, do you recall walking around and finding nobody to assist you?      

What was your reaction to that? Inconsequential?      

Customers expect the same level of customer service when they shop online as they do when they visit a store. This implies that you must be accessible to respond to inquiries and offer assistance all through the sales process.      Numerous live chat applications are available to streamline this procedure. Utilizing chatbot automation, which responds to frequently asked queries before putting users in contact with a human agent, can also make it more affordable.      


Driving traffic to your online ecommerce store without a hefty advertising budget is possible through effective SEO optimization, retargeting email subscribers, boosting your blog, partnering with influencers, and incorporating live chat.      

 These strategies can improve your online presence, engage customers, and ultimately increase your website traffic and sales.