Best LG Tvs - 2023 edition | Tested & Reviewed


LG TVs represent a fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and user-centric features that have positioned LG as a key player in the home entertainment industry. Known for their diverse range of models, from the stunning OLED TVs to the practical and affordable LED TVs, LG has a TV to suit every need and budget.

What are LG TVs

LG TVs are a broad lineup of televisions that encompass a variety of display technologies, including the highly acclaimed OLED panels and reliable LED screens. They offer a wide range of sizes, from compact models ideal for smaller spaces to large, immersive screens for a home theater experience. Incorporating smart features like WebOS, ThinQ AI, and compatibility with streaming apps such as Netflix and Apple TV, LG TVs provide an all-encompassing entertainment hub. LG's commitment to quality is evident in features like Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, and their exclusive OLED Evo technology, ensuring that every model delivers exceptional picture and sound quality.

Why Choose LG for TVs

Choosing LG for a TV means opting for a brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible in home entertainment. LG TVs stand out for their superior image quality, with technologies like 4K UHD, OLED panels, and AI processors that enhance picture clarity and color accuracy. For gamers, features like G-Sync and Auto Low Latency Mode ensure a smooth gaming experience. LG's commitment to innovation is reflected in their sleek designs, brighter displays, and user-friendly interfaces, making them a top choice for a premium viewing experience. Moreover, LG's broad range of models means there's an LG TV for every requirement, whether it's for a cozy family movie night, an intense gaming session, or elevating the aesthetic of a living space. 

Best LG Tvs - Table Of Contents

No.Name (Link)ImageMain SpecsRatingPricing
1LG 75” 75UR340C9UD UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV
75" UHD Commercial TV, Management Software, Scheduler, Crestron Connected4.6$1395
2LG Electronics - 55UT560H9UA.AUS Hospitality UT560H9 55UT560H9UA 55 Smart LED-LCD TV
55" 4K UHDTV, HDR10 Pro, HLG, Direct LED Backlight4.4$809
3LG Electronics 50LF6100 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)
50" 1080p Smart LED TV, 2015 Model4.4$349
4LG 55” UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV with Management Software
55" UHD Commercial TV, Management Software, Scheduler, Crestron Connected4.3$722
5LG NANO75 Series 55-Inch Class Smart TV 55NANO75UQA - 2022 AI-Powered 4K
55" AI-Powered 4K, Alexa Built-In, 2022 Model4.2$790
6LG 50" Class UQ8000-Series 4K LED UHD WebOS 22 Smart w/ThinQ AI TV
50" 4K LED UHD, WebOS 22, ThinQ AI TV4.2$375

Best LG Tvs - In-Depth Reviews 

Best LG Tv:

Introduction to the LG 75” 75UR340C9UD UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV

The best LG Tv - 75” 75UR340C9UD UR340C Series UHD best seller Commercial TV represents a significant leap in the realm of high-end commercial displays from previous generations. Tailored for businesses and commercial settings, this TV combines LG's renowned picture quality and light with robust functionality, making it a standout choice in the competitive market of premium TVs.

Main Features

  • Display and Resolution: The 75-inch LED screen boasts a 4K (3840x2160) resolution, offering incredible picture quality with vibrant colors and sharp details, suitable for a variety of commercial applications.
  • HDR Technology: High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhances the display’s contrast and color range, providing a more lifelike and immersive viewing experience with wide color gamut, essential for commercial displays.
  • Refresh Rate: A refresh rate of 120 Hz ensures smooth visuals, which is particularly beneficial for dynamic content or when used as digital signage in high-traffic areas.
  • Built-in Speakers: The inclusion of built-in speakers adds convenience, eliminating the need for external audio systems in many scenarios.
  • Connectivity: With options like USB, Ethernet, and HDMI, the TV offers versatile connectivity for various commercial setups.


  • Large Screen Size: At 75 inches, the TV is ideal for large spaces, providing clear visibility from a distance, perfect for showrooms, lobbies, or conference rooms.
  • Durability: Designed for commercial use, it can operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, showcasing LG’s commitment to reliability and longevity.
  • Commercial Software Compatibility: The compatibility with LG’s SuperSign Software (sold separately) allows for managing multiple signage TVs, a crucial feature for large-scale deployments.
  • Installation and Warranty: Easy to install with a slim profile for a cohesive look, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind for business owners.


  • Cost: As a high-end commercial product, it may come with a higher price tag, potentially a consideration for businesses with tight budgets.
  • SuperSign Software Sold Separately: While the TV is compatible with LG's SuperSign Software for content management, the software needs to be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost.
  • Weight and Size: Due to its large size, installation and wall mounting might require professional assistance, especially in spaces with limited infrastructure.


The LG 75” 75UR340C9UD UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV is a prime example of LG’s prowess in creating high-quality displays tailored for commercial use. Its combination of a large 4K HDR screen, robust build, and advanced connectivity options make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a premium display solution. While the investment might be significant, the benefits of having a reliable, high-quality display for commercial purposes are undeniable. This model is the best lg tv in our opinion and stands as a testament to LG’s dedication to delivering top-notch products in the realm of commercial electronics.

Introduction to LG Electronics 55UT560H9UA.AUS Hospitality UT560H9 55 Smart LED-LCD TV
The LG Electronics 55UT560H9UA.AUS Hospitality UT560H9 55" Smart LED-LCD TV is a sophisticated and versatile television that blends LG's renowned display technology with features suitable for both home and hospitality settings. This model stands out in the competitive world of 4K UHDTVs, offering a sleek design and advanced capabilities tailored to enhance any viewing experience.

Main Features

  • Display and Resolution: The 55-inch LED screen provides a 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution, delivering a picture with incredible clarity and depth. This resolution is perfect for enjoying high-definition movies and shows.
  • HDR10 Pro and HLG Support: With HDR10 Pro and HLG support, the TV offers enhanced brightness and contrast, bringing out the finer details in darker scenes and ensuring lifelike color reproduction.
  • Smart Functionality: Equipped with smart features, including a web browser, this TV allows easy access to streaming entertainment from platforms like Youtube and Netflix, as well as other online content.
  • Design and Connectivity: Its sleek, flat design and ceramic black color make it a stylish addition to any room. The TV also includes Wi-Fi connectivity, adding to its versatility in various setups.


  • Vivid Picture Quality: The 4K resolution, combined with HDR technology, ensures that the TV delivers exceptional picture quality, making it a great choice for viewers who value clarity and color accuracy.
  • Smart Features: The inclusion of smart TV functionality provides a seamless and immersive experience, especially for streaming popular content on platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.
  • Ease of Use: The TV's interface is user-friendly, and the included Magic Remote enhances ease of navigation. Voice commands and Google Home compatibility further add to the convenience.
  • Versatile Mounting: The option for wall mounted tv makes it suitable for various room setups, from living rooms to bedrooms, ensuring it fits comfortably in any space.


  • Current Price: At $809.18, it might be a bit expensive for those looking for budget-friendly and good value options.
  • Limited Included Components: While the TV comes with a stand, other accessories like a soundbar for improved audio quality might need to be purchased separately.
  • Lack of OLED Technology: Unlike high-end OLED models from LG, this LED-LCD TV may not offer the same level of deep blacks and infinite contrast.


The LG Electronics 55UT560H9UA.AUS Hospitality UT560H9 55" Smart LED-LCD TV is an excellent option for those seeking a mid-range, versatile TV that doesn't compromise on picture quality. Its 4K resolution with HDR10 Pro and HLG, smart features, and stylish design make it a worthy contender in the LED TV category. While it may lack some features of premium OLED TVs and might come at a slightly higher price, it remains a great choice for consumers seeking the reliability and quality of LG's TVs. This model, with its combination of performance, connectivity, and smart functionality, is well-suited to meet the needs of both home entertainment and commercial settings.

Introduction to the LG Electronics 50LF6100 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

The LG Electronics 50LF6100 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV, a 2015 model, remains a noteworthy choice in the realm of affordable and reliable lg smart TVs. This model offers a harmonious blend of LG's quality display technology and smart features, catering to those who desire a straightforward yet effective home entertainment solution.

Main Features

  • Display and Resolution: The TV features a 50-inch LED screen with 1080p resolution, providing clear and vibrant picture quality, suitable for watching movies, TV shows, and sports.
  • Smart Functionality: Equipped with smart capabilities, this LG TV supports various internet services like Netflix and Hulu, allowing easy access to a wide selection of streaming entertainment.
  • Refresh Rate: A 120Hz refresh rate ensures smoother motion, an essential feature for enjoying fast-paced action without blurring.
  • Connectivity: The model comes with multiple inputs, including 3 HDMI and 3 USB 2.0 ports, offering flexible connectivity options for various devices.


  • Good Picture Quality: The 1080p resolution delivers good picture clarity and color accuracy, making it an excellent option for everyday viewing in a standard living room or bedroom.
  • Smart Features: The integration of popular streaming apps and a web browser enhances the TV’s usability, providing a convenient way to access content without needing additional devices.
  • Affordable Price: With a current price tag of around $349.99, it offers great value, especially for those looking for a budget-friendly smart TV option from a reputable brand like LG.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The LG WebOS platform, known for its ease of use, allows users to navigate and find content easily.


  • Older Model: Being a 2015 model, it may lack some of the latest features and technological advancements found in newer LG TVs, such as OLED panels or 4K resolution.
  • Limited Resolution: The 1080p resolution, while sufficient for many users, doesn’t match the sharpness and detail of Ultra HD or 4K models, which might be a downside for those seeking higher resolution screens.
  • Bulkier Design: Compared to the sleek and slim designs of newer models, this TV is a bit bulkier, especially with the tv stand.


The LG Electronics 50LF6100 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV stands as an excellent option for those seeking a straightforward, no-frills smart TV experience at an affordable price. Its combination of decent picture quality, smart functionality, and user-friendly interface make it a solid choice, especially for budget-conscious buyers or as a secondary TV in a home. While it doesn’t boast the latest features like OLED technology or 4K resolution, its performance and value proposition make it a worthy contender in the LED TV market, particularly for those who prioritize simplicity and value over cutting-edge technology.

Introduction to the LG 55” UR340C Series UHD Commercial TVThe LG 55” UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the demands of modern commercial environments. This model combines LG's expertise in display technology with specialized features for business use, making it an ideal choice for a variety of settings, from corporate lobbies to hotel rooms.

Main Features

  • Ultra HD Resolution: With a 55-inch screen offering 4K (3840x2160) resolution, the TV delivers vivid colors and sharp details, enhancing the viewing experience for commercial content.
  • HDR Compatibility: The inclusion of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology ensures enhanced brightness and contrast, providing more life-like images.
  • Commercial Design and Functionality: The TV is equipped with features 4k tvs have like 4K upscaling, welcome message, hotel mode, and energy-saving mode, tailored for commercial use.
  • Robust Connectivity Options: It supports USB, Ethernet, and HDMI connectivity, making it easy to integrate into various commercial setups.
  • Management Software Compatibility: The TV can be controlled using LG's SuperSign Software, allowing for easy management of multiple signage TVs (software purchased separately).


  • Optimized for Commercial Use: Designed to operate for extended hours (16 hrs. a day, 7 days a week), it is an ideal choice for businesses that require long-term, reliable performance.
  • Superior Picture Quality: The UHD resolution with HDR provides a premium viewing experience, essential for engaging customers or guests.
  • Versatile Management Tools: With the option to use SuperSign Software, managing content across multiple TVs becomes streamlined and efficient.
  • Durable and Sleek Design: The slim profile ensures it fits seamlessly into any commercial space, adding to the aesthetic appeal.


  • SuperSign Software Sold Separately: The additional cost for the SuperSign Software might be a consideration for businesses looking for an all-inclusive solution.
  • Limited to Commercial Use: While perfect for commercial settings, its specialized features might not align with the needs of a regular home user.
  • Price: Being a commercial-grade product, it may come with a higher price tag compared to standard consumer TVs.


The LG 55” UR340C Series UHD Commercial TV is an exemplary choice for businesses seeking a high-quality display solution. Its combination of robust UHD resolution, HDR support, extended operational hours, and management software compatibility makes it a standout product in the commercial TV market. While it is specifically tailored for commercial use and might carry a premium price, its reliability, and performance justify the investment, making it a valuable asset for any business looking to enhance its visual display capabilities.

Introduction to the LG NANO75 Series 55-Inch Class Smart TV 55NANO75UQAThe LG NANO75 Series 55-Inch Class Smart TV, a 2022 AI-powered model, is a testament to LG's innovation in the realm of high-definition televisions. Offering a blend of smart functionality and advanced display technology, this TV is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and immersive viewing experience.

Main Features

  • NanoCell Display Technology: The TV employs Nano Color and Billion Rich Colors, delivering over a billion vivid colors and deep blacks, ensuring a lifelike and vibrant image quality.
  • AI-Powered Processor: Equipped with LG's α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, the TV enhances both picture and sound quality, tailoring it to what’s on screen.
  • Smart Functionality: With Alexa built-in and support for services like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, and more, it offers seamless access to a wide range of streaming entertainment.
  • Gaming Features: The Game Optimizer, Auto Low-Latency Mode, and HGiG compliance make it an excellent choice for gamers, providing low input lag and fast response times.
  • User Customization: The TV allows for personalized accounts and recommendations, and the LG Magic Remote offers easy navigation with voice commands.


  • Enhanced Color and Clarity: The NanoCell technology and 4K resolution provide exceptional picture quality, suitable for movies, sports, and gaming.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With Wi-Fi and various connectivity options, it easily integrates into any home theater setup.
  • Intuitive User Experience: Features like AI Brightness Control and the Magic Remote add convenience and enhance user interaction.
  • Stylish Design: Its sleek design and the ability to wall-mount (with a 300 x 300 VESA mount) make it a visually appealing addition to any room.


  • Refresh Rate: A refresh rate of 60 Hz, though adequate for most content, may not be the best for high-frame-rate gaming.
  • Stand Sold Separately: While wall mounting is an option, those preferring a stand will need to purchase it separately.
  • Current Price: At around $785.31, it might be slightly more expensive than other mid-range options.


The LG NANO75 Series 55-Inch Class Smart TV is a versatile and high-performing option in LG's lineup, ideal for a diverse range of users. Its combination of AI-powered image processing, smart features, and NanoCell technology makes it a strong contender in the 4K TV market. While there are considerations regarding the refresh rate and additional costs for a stand, its overall performance, ease of use, and stunning display quality make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to upgrade their home entertainment system. This TV stands out as a testament to LG's commitment to delivering quality and innovation in their smart TVs.

Introduction to the LG 50" Class UQ8000-Series 4K LED UHD WebOS 22 Smart TV - 50UQ8000AUBThe LG 50" Class UQ8000-Series 4K LED UHD WebOS 22 Smart TV, model 50UQ8000AUB, stands as a testament to LG's innovation in the world of lg smart TVs. As a refurbished product, it offers a blend of advanced technology and value, making it an attractive option for those seeking LG's quality at a lower price point.

Main Features

  • Display and Resolution: This 50-inch LED TV features a 4K UHD resolution, delivering sharp and clear images with enhanced detail, perfect for watching movies, TV shows, or gaming.
  • Smart Functionality: Powered by WebOS 22 and equipped with ThinQ AI, the TV provides a user-friendly interface and smart capabilities, including access to popular internet services like YouTube.
  • Design and Build: The TV comes with a flat-screen design, offering a sleek and modern look suitable for any living room or home theater setup.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity is included, ensuring easy access to online content and seamless integration with other smart devices in your home.


  • High-Quality Display: The 4K UHD resolution ensures a high-quality viewing experience with excellent picture clarity and color accuracy.
  • Smart Features: WebOS 22 and ThinQ AI offer a smooth and intuitive smart TV experience, with easy navigation and access to a wide range of apps and services.
  • Refurbished Value: As a refurbished model, it is tested and certified to work properly, offering the quality of a decent budget LG TV.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: Weighing 26.2 pounds, it is relatively easy to set up and mount, suitable for various room configurations.


  • Refurbished Condition: The TV may have significant blemishes, scratches, dents, or frame damage due to its refurbished nature, which might be a concern for some buyers.
  • Limited Accessories: It ships with basic accessories and may arrive in a generic box, lacking some of the premium packaging and additional features of a new product.
  • Support and Warranty: As a refurbished item, warranty and support options may be limited compared to new models.


The LG 50" Class UQ8000-Series 4K LED UHD WebOS 22 Smart TV (50UQ8000AUB) is a solid choice for those looking for LG's renowned TV technology without the full cost of a new model. Its 4K UHD resolution, smart capabilities, and sleek design make it a competitive option in the LED TV market. While the refurbished condition and potential cosmetic imperfections are considerations, its functionality and performance remain consistent with LG's standards. This TV represents an excellent balance of quality, functionality, and value, particularly suitable for budget-conscious consumers or those seeking a secondary TV for their home.

How to Choose the Best LG TVChoosing the best LG TV involves considering several key criteria to ensure that you get the perfect TV that fits your needs and preferences. LG offers a wide range of televisions, from budget-friendly LED TVs to high-end OLED models, each catering to different viewing experiences.

Criterion 1: Display Technology

When selecting an LG TV, the type of display is a crucial factor. LG OLED TVs, known for their deep blacks and infinite contrast, offer superior picture quality and are ideal for dark-room viewing. The self-lighting OLED pixels provide excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles. On the other hand, LG’s LED TVs, including the Nanocell TVs, offer good picture quality at a more affordable price and are more versatile for various lighting conditions. OLED Evo, LG's latest advancement in OLED technology, further enhances brightness and detail, making it a compelling choice for premium TV buyers.

Criterion 2: Screen Size and Resolution

The screen size and resolution are vital for an immersive viewing experience. LG TV models come in various sizes, fitting different room sizes and seating arrangements. Larger sizes, such as 55-inch and above, are great for living rooms, providing a cinematic experience, especially with 4K UHD resolution. Smaller sizes are suitable for bedrooms or smaller spaces. 4K UHD resolution, now standard in most LG TVs, offers four times the resolution of Full HD, ensuring crisp and detailed images.

Criterion 3: Smart Features and Connectivity

Smart features are an integral part of modern TVs. LG’s WebOS Smart TV platform, known for its intuitive interface and abundant app selection, offers seamless access to streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney+. Features like ThinQ AI and compatibility with Google Home and Alexa add convenience through voice commands and smart home integration. HDMI ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for technologies like Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) are important for connecting various devices and enhancing the audio-visual experience.

Criterion 4: Budget and Price Range

Budget is a significant consideration when choosing an LG TV. LG offers TVs across various price ranges, from budget models to high-end LG OLED TVs. Mid-range models like the UQ8000 series provide a balance of features and affordability, suitable for most users. For those seeking high-end models, LG OLED TVs, such as the OLED Evo series, offer the best in LG’s TV technology but come at a higher price.

Criterion 5: Additional Features

Consider additional features that can enhance your viewing experience. Features like Magic Remote for easy navigation, compatibility with G-Sync for gaming, and Brightness Booster Max for enhanced brightness in OLED models add value. Wall-mounting options, design aspects like a sleek profile and thin bezels, and sound quality, possibly supplemented with a soundbar, also play a role in the overall TV experience.In summary, when selecting an LG TV, consider the display technology, screen size, smart features, budget, and additional features to find a model that best suits your viewing habits, room setup, and budget constraints. Each LG TV model offers a unique combination of these elements, ensuring there's an LG TV for every viewer's preference and need.

The Technology Behind LG TVsLG's commitment to cutting-edge technology has positioned them as a leader in the TV industry. Their range of televisions, from LG OLED TVs to LED models, integrates various innovative features, ensuring that there's an LG TV for every preference and budget.

OLED Technology

LG's OLED TVs are renowned for their exceptional picture quality. OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode, technology allows each pixel to emit its own light, resulting in perfect blacks and infinite contrast. This technology, enhanced by features like Dolby Vision HDR and Brightness Booster Max, offers an immersive viewing experience with vibrant colors and deeper blacks, ideal for dark room settings. OLED Evo, the latest advancement in OLED technology by LG, further improves brightness and clarity, making these TVs a great choice for premium home theaters.

4K UHD and Resolution

Most LG TVs, including their LED and LG OLED models, boast 4K UHD resolution, offering four times the detail of Full HD. This high resolution, combined with LG's AI Processor and HDR technology, ensures crystal-clear images and lifelike colors. Whether you're watching movies, sports, or gaming, the sharpness and clarity of 4K UHD make a significant difference in your viewing experience.

Smart TV Features

LG TVs are equipped with WebOS, a user-friendly smart TV platform that provides easy access to a wide selection of apps and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. Features like ThinQ AI and voice control through Google Home and Alexa add convenience and enhance the user experience. With support for Apple AirPlay 2 and built-in Chromecast, LG TVs make it easy to connect and share content from mobile devices.

Gaming and Connectivity

For gamers, LG TVs offer features like low input lag, G-Sync, and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience. HDMI ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for Bluetooth audio enhance the versatility of these TVs, making them suitable for a variety of entertainment needs.

Design and Mounting

LG TVs are designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring sleek profiles and minimal bezels that fit seamlessly into any living space. Options for wall mounting and various stand designs provide flexibility in setup, allowing you to customize your viewing environment to your liking.

Audio and Dolby Atmos

Sound quality is another area where LG TVs excel. Many models come equipped with Dolby Atmos, delivering an immersive audio experience that complements the stunning visuals. For enhanced audio, pairing an LG TV with a compatible soundbar can create a more powerful home theater system.In conclusion, LG's range of televisions, characterized by their advanced LG OLED technology, 4K UHD resolution, smart features, gaming capabilities, elegant design, and superior sound, cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a premium LG OLED TV for your home theater or a budget-friendly smart LED TV, LG offers a variety of models that stand out in terms of performance, innovation, and value.

How LG Differs from Other Brands in TVs


LG and Samsung are both South Korean tech giants, but their approach to TV technology differs significantly. Samsung has been a proponent of QLED (Quantum Dot LED) technology, which uses a quantum dot layer to enhance the vibrancy and range of colors. This makes Samsung TVs particularly bright and suitable for well-lit rooms. Samsung's focus on user interface and smart functionality, especially with its Tizen OS, ensures a seamless and integrated smart home experience. Samsung's commitment to innovation is evident in its range of TVs, from budget-friendly models to high-end QLEDs, offering something for every consumer.


Sony, another key player in the TV market, is renowned for its picture processing technology. Sony TVs, particularly their OLED range, are praised for their exceptional color accuracy and motion handling, making them a favorite for movie enthusiasts and gamers alike. Sony's use of Android TV platform offers a wide range of apps and services, though it might not be as intuitive as LG's WebOS. Additionally, Sony has been known for its superior sound quality, often integrating advanced audio technologies into its TV designs.LG stands out with its pioneering OLED technology, known for its deep blacks and infinite contrast ratios. OLED TVs from LG offer excellent viewing angles, exceptional color accuracy, and are ideal for dark-room viewing. LG's WebOS is highly user-friendly, offering a smooth and intuitive interface with a wide array of apps and features. LG also leads in incorporating AI technologies with features like ThinQ AI and the AI Processor, enhancing user interaction and overall viewing experience. Moreover, LG's commitment to both high-end and budget-friendly models ensures a wider reach to different consumer segments.While each brand has its strengths, LG's focus on OLED technology, user-friendly interface, and AI integration sets it apart in the TV market, catering to those who prioritize exceptional picture quality and smart functionality.