Best Electric Pressure Washers

NumberNameBest ForRatingPricing (USD)
1Generac 8888 2700 PSIResidential use, versatile cleaning4.7605
2AR Blue Clean Pro, AR630 Pressure WasherVarious surfaces, including cars and patios4.6737
3Kärcher - K1800PS CubeCleaning cars, siding, driveways, fencing4.6137
4Westinghouse ePX3500Cars, fences, driveways, home exteriors4.5159
5BE Power Equipment 2,300 PSIGeneral outdoor cleaning, with strong motor4.5674
6AR Blue Clean AR767 Industrial GradeIndustrial-grade cleaning, high pressure4.41094
7Giraffe Tools Grandfalls Pressure Washer PROCars, fences, patios, wall mountable4.4539