Best Apple Keyboards


So, you're diving deep into the world of Apple products, huh? That glossy, sleek design coupled with top-notch functionality has caught your fancy. But let's be real – the keyboard is your bridge to the digital realm. With the right one, it’s like cruising down a freshly paved highway. Pick the wrong one? It's more like trudging through mud.

Why Choose an Apple Keyboard?

Every gadget lover knows Apple is more than just a brand. It’s a statement. But why are their keyboards the apple (pun intended) of many eyes?


Ever heard the phrase "beauty with brains"? That's Apple keyboards for you. Minimalistic, elegant, and oh-so-gorgeous. Each keyboard, whether for a Mac or iPad, boasts a design that's as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.


Speed? Check. Accuracy? Check. Responsiveness? Double check! Apple keyboards are designed to optimize your typing speed and accuracy. The keys are neither too stiff nor too soft – just the perfect balance to make every keystroke count.


Here's the cherry on top. Apple keyboards, especially the wireless ones, gel flawlessly with other Apple devices. No more tedious setups or compatibility issues. Just seamless integration.

Best Models to Consider

You've got choices, buddy! Here's a rundown of some Apple keyboard heavyweights and what makes them tick.

Magic Keyboard

The name says it all.


  • Ultra-slim design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Enhanced key stability

User Experience

It's like typing on a cloud. The Magic Keyboard is the go-to for many Apple enthusiasts for its smooth experience and longevity.

Smart Keyboard Folio

For the iPad aficionados out there!


  • Full-size keyboard
  • Front and back protection for iPad
  • No charging or pairing required

User Experience

iPad users rave about its foldable design and how it effortlessly transitions from a protective cover to a full-size keyboard.

Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Numbers can be fun... if you have the right keyboard.


  • Extended layout
  • Document navigation controls
  • Full numeric keypad

User Experience

Perfect for the finance gurus and spreadsheet wizards. This keyboard makes number crunching a breeze.

Key Considerations

Alright, before you sprint to the Apple store or add that keyboard to your cart, think about:


Apple products are a beauty, but they can be heavy on the pocket. Ensure the keyboard meets your needs and is worth the investment.


Are you a writer, a coder, or just someone who enjoys a good Netflix binge? Your purpose dictates the best keyboard for you.


An Apple keyboard isn't just a tool; it's an experience. Whether you're team Magic Keyboard or rooting for the Numeric Keypad version, you're in for a treat. Dive in, type away, and let your fingers dance on those keys.


  1. Are all Apple keyboards wireless?
    • No, but many modern models offer wireless capabilities.
  2. Do Apple keyboards work with non-Apple devices?
    • While primarily designed for Apple products, some keyboards can work with other devices, but functionality may be limited.
  3. How long does the battery last on wireless Apple keyboards?
    • It varies, but many can last a month or more on a single charge.
  4. Can I use the iPad keyboard with my MacBook?
    • No, the Smart Keyboard Folio is designed specifically for the iPad.
  5. Do Apple keyboards come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Apple typically offers a one-year limited warranty on their products.

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