Best Akko Keyboards of 2023 - Tested & Reviewed


Akko keyboards have gained a lot of attention in the mechanical keyboard market, known for their distinctive designs and reliable performance. In this article, we will explore those keyboards, examine their unique characteristics and see why they stand out in the competitive world of mechanical keyboards.

What Are Akko Keyboards?

Akko keyboards are a series of mechanical keyboards known for their solid build, diverse switch options, and customizable features. Originating from the Netherlands, Akko has established itself as a major player in the mechanical keyboard space. These keyboards are designed with the user's experience in mind, offering a range of models that cater to various preferences, from tactile and clicky to linear switches. Akko's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every product, from their full-sized models to compact and travel-friendly options.

What You Will Find in This Article

In this article, you will find an in-depth analysis of Akko keyboards, highlighting their key features, models, and user experience. We will review various Akko keyboard models, discussing their design, switch types, and additional functionalities like programmable keys and optional lighting. We will also delve into user reviews and professional opinions to provide a comprehensive understanding of these keyboards. Whether you're making your first purchase or looking to add to your collection, this article aims to guide you through the versatile world of Akko keyboards, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Best Akko Keyboards - Table Of Contents

No.Keyboard Model Keyboards ImagesMain characteristicsRatingPrice
1Akko ACR Pro- Acrylic Construction
- Gasket Mount
- Hot-Swappable
- Programmable 
2Akko World Tour Tokyo- Anti-Ghosting
- Customizable key mapping
- built-in LED
- simultaneous key presses 
3Akko Horizon 3087DS- Anti-Ghosting
- Double-Shot Keycaps
- Programmable
- Clicky Switch
4Akko MOD007- Dynamic Keystrokes
- Rapid Trigger
- On-board Memory
- Hot-Swappable
5Akko World Tour Beijing- Anti-Ghosting
- Dye-Sublimation Keycaps
- customizable light animation
- Linear Sakura Switch
6Akko 3084B Plus Black & Pink- Multi-Device
- Wireless
- Anti-Ghosting
- Multimedia Keys

Best Akko Keyboards - In-Depth Reviews

Best Akko Keyboard: Akko ACR Pro

akko keyboard 1 - Akko ACR Pro 68


The Akko ACR Pro 68 is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that has gained popularity among gaming and typing enthusiasts. Known for its solid build and modern design, this keyboard from the Akko series offers a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and customizability.


  • Construction: The keyboard features a premium acrylic build, combining high-quality acrylic with CNC machining for durability and style.
  • Typing Experience: It employs a gasket mount structure, enhancing the typing experience by offering a comfortable and satisfying feel.
  • Customization: With hot-swappable switches, users can easily change switches without soldering. The keyboard is also programmable with Akko Cloud Driver software, allowing key remapping, macro creation, and lighting customization.
  • Design: The compact 68-key layout saves desk space while retaining all essential keys. It also features underglow RGB lighting, providing adjustable brightness and dynamic lighting effects.


  • Versatility: Its hot-swappable feature and programmable options make it a versatile choice for both gaming and professional use.
  • Aesthetics: The keyboard's sleek design and underglow RGB lighting add to its visual appeal, making it a stylish addition to any setup.
  • Comfort: The gasket mount design reduces typing fatigue, making it suitable for long gaming sessions or extensive typing work.
  • Durability: The acrylic construction ensures a solid build that can withstand regular use.


  • Price: Some may find the keyboard slightly expensive, especially as a first purchase in the mechanical keyboard market.
  • Limited Switch Options: While it offers switch customization, the options might be limited compared to similar technologies in other models.


In conclusion, the Akko ACR Pro 68 stands out as one of the best Akko keyboards in the market, offering a solid build, comfortable typing experience, and extensive customization. Its appeal lies in its blend of gaming and professional functionalities, making it a valuable purchase for those seeking a high-quality mechanical keyboard. Whether for gaming, typing, or as a stylish accessory, the Akko ACR Pro 68 is a model that delivers on multiple fronts.

2. Akko World Tour Tokyo

akko keyboard 3 - Akko World Tour Tokyo


The Akko World Tour Tokyo 108-Key R1 Wired Pink Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a standout in the realm of mechanical keyboards, especially among the best Akko keyboards. It combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, drawing inspiration from Tokyo's cultural essence.


  • Design: Cherry-blossom-colored case with decorative novelty keys, reflecting Tokyo's culture.
  • Key Features: Offers N-key rollover for anti-ghosting, crucial for gaming, and programmable keys for customized action sequences.
  • Keycaps: Durable PBT dye-sublimation keycaps resist wear and maintain legibility.
  • Switches: Equipped with Akko cream yellow linear switches, providing balanced and stable typing.
  • Connectivity: Wired connection with a Type C interface, ensuring reliable performance.


  • Cultural Appeal: The unique design makes it a visually appealing model, suitable for those who appreciate themed accessories.
  • Gaming Efficiency: The anti-ghosting feature and linear switches are ideal for gaming, providing a good balance between speed and precision.
  • Build Quality: The solid build and high-quality keycaps ensure longevity and a satisfying typing experience.
  • Customization: Programmable keys and built-in LED slots offer options for personalization.


  • Price Point: For a first purchase, the price might be on the higher side, especially for those new to mechanical keyboards.
  • LED Lighting: While it has LED slots, the lack of pre-installed lighting might be a drawback for users who prefer keyboards with built-in RGB lighting.


The Akko World Tour Tokyo keyboard is a perfect blend of functionality, design, and durability. It is an excellent choice for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts who value both performance and aesthetics. For those looking to make an informed purchase, exploring reviews and updates via the Akko newsletter or engaging with the Akko keyboard community on platforms like Reddit can provide additional insights. This keyboard is not just a tool but also a piece of art that is designed to enhance the overall computer setup, making it a worthwhile addition to the series of Akko products. Order by clicking the link below!

3. Akko Horizon 3087DS

akko keyboard 4 - Akko Horizon 3087DS


The Akko Horizon 3087DS 87-Key TKL Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is a compelling choice for gamers and typists alike. Inspired by the awe-inspiring sunrise at the seashore, this keyboard combines aesthetic beauty with functional prowess.


  • Brand: Akko
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Type: Mechanical Keyboard
  • Recommended Uses: Gaming
  • Special Feature: Ergonomic design
  • Key Count: 87 keys
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Switches: Akko Cream Blue Tactile Switch (also available in Akko 2nd Gen Orange Switch)


  1. Stunning Design: The blue/yellow colorway inspired by the sunrise and horizon offers a unique and tranquil aesthetic.
  2. Anti-Ghosting Keys: N-key rollover (NKRO) supports simultaneous key presses without conflicts, essential for gaming.
  3. Durable Keycaps: PBT double-shot keycaps are resistant to wear, ensuring the legends remain vibrant and clear for years.
  4. Programmable: Allows remapping of all keys (except Macro mode controls) for custom action sequences.
  5. Clicky Switches: Comes with Akko cream blue clicky switches, offering a satisfying typing experience with a notable clicky bump.


  1. No LED Lighting: The keyboard lacks pre-installed LED lighting, though it has built-in slots for mods.
  2. Limited Compatibility: Wired connectivity might limit setup options compared to wireless models.
  3. Size Limitation: The TKL (Tenkeyless) design might not suit users who require a full-sized keyboard.


The Akko Horizon 3087DS is a blend of style and functionality, ideal for gamers seeking a robust mechanical keyboard with a unique design. Its ergonomic build, durable materials, and programmable options, coupled with the reliable Akko Cream Blue tactile switches, make it a solid choice. While it lacks LED lighting and is not wireless, its build quality, anti-ghosting capabilities, and aesthetic appeal make it a worthwhile investment at $59.99. The keyboard is also available for shipping with reasonable fees, making it accessible for international buyers.

4. Akko MOD007

akko keyboard 5 - akko MOD007


The Akko Magnetic Switches Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard, specifically the MOD007 PC Mechanical Keyboard with Knob, stands out as a high-performance gaming keyboard. This keyboard, an Anniversary Version from the Akko Store, is priced at $129.99. It is designed for gaming enthusiasts who value rapid response and customizable features.


  • Brand & Model: Akko MOD007 PC Mechanical Keyboard (Anniversary Version)
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Compatible Devices: Laptops, compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Key Count: 84 keys
  • Color: White
  • Special Features: Magnetic Switch, Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS), Rapid Trigger (RT), On-board Memory, Hot-Swappable
  • Design: Modern style with Akko's 7th Anniversary PBT keycaps, featuring 5-sided dye-sublimation in the JDA profile.


  • Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS): Allows a single key to bind four distinct operations based on the pressure applied, enhancing gaming and typing efficiency.
  • Rapid Trigger Technology: Ensures minimal delay and ultra-fast response times, ideal for FPS gaming.
  • Memory and Customization: With on-board memory, settings are saved directly on the hardware for easy access and customization.
  • Hot-Swappable: Offers flexibility to change between different 3-pin mechanical switches without soldering, catering to personal preferences.
  • Limited Edition Keycaps: The unique design of the 7th-anniversary keycaps adds a collector's value to the keyboard.


  • Price: Higher priced at $129.99, which might be a bit steep for some users.
  • Key Count: With 84 keys, it may lack some functionality for users who require a full-sized keyboard.
  • Limited Color Option: Only available in white, which might not appeal to all users.


The Akko Magnetic Switches Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard, MOD007, is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a blend of speed, customization, and unique design. Its dynamic keystrokes, rapid trigger feature, and hot-swappable switches provide an edge in gaming performance. Although the price is on the higher side and the key count is limited, the keyboard's innovative features and limited edition design make it a valuable purchase for gaming enthusiasts and collectors alike.

5. Akko World Tour Beijing

akko keyboard 6 - Akko World Tour Beijing


The Akko World Tour Beijing 108-Key Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is not just a typing device but a canvas that celebrates the essence of Beijing's rich culture. This keyboard is a fusion of technology, art, and gaming efficiency.


  • Brand: Akko
  • Compatibility: Gaming Console
  • Keyboard Type: Gaming
  • Recommended Uses: Gaming
  • Color: Pink
  • Key Count: 108 keys
  • Dimensions: 17.3"L x 5.5"W x 1.6"H
  • Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Included Components: Keycap Puller
  • Switches: Akko Sakura Linear Switch


  1. Cultural Design: The World Tour Series theme embodies Beijing's culture, adding a unique aesthetic appeal.
  2. Anti-Ghosting: N-key rollover ensures optimal gaming performance with simultaneous key presses.
  3. Durable Keycaps: PBT Dye-Sublimation keycaps are wear-resistant and maintain legibility for decades.
  4. Programmable: Offers customizable key mapping for personalized gaming experiences.
  5. Linear Switches: The Akko sakura linear switches provide balanced and stable typing experiences with instant feedback.


  1. No LED Lighting: Lacks pre-installed LED lighting, though it is moddable for customization.
  2. Color Limitation: The pink color may not appeal to all users, limiting its universal appeal.
  3. Size: Full-size dimensions might be bulky for users with limited desk space.


The Akko World Tour Beijing Keyboard is a masterpiece for gamers who appreciate a blend of cultural art and gaming functionality. Priced at a discounted $51.99 from the original $79.99, it offers value for money with its anti-ghosting capabilities, durable keycaps, and programmable features. The unique design and reliable Akko sakura switches make it a great choice for both gaming and regular use. While it might not have LED lighting and its pink hue may not be for everyone, its build quality and themed design make it a standout product in the gaming peripherals market.

6. Akko 3084B Plus Black & Pink

akko keyboard 2 Akko 3084B Plus


The Akko 3084B Plus Black & Pink is a prominent model among the best Akko keyboards, offering a unique blend of functionality and style. It's a mechanical keyboard that caters to both gaming and general productivity needs, featuring wireless connectivity and hot-swappable switches.


  • Connectivity: Supports multi-device connection via Bluetooth 5.0, Multi-host 2.4Ghz, and Wired Type-C.
  • Key Features: Equipped with N-key rollover for anti-ghosting, multimedia keys, and a solid build with an 84-key layout.
  • Customization: Features hot-swappable 5-pin sockets and programmable keys with RGB backlit, offering over 20 lighting effects.
  • Additional Accessories: Comes with 90pcs Jelly Black linear switches, providing a heavier actuation force for a more defined typing experience.


  • Versatile Connectivity: Its ability to connect to multiple devices wirelessly makes it suitable for a modern, multi-device work environment.
  • Gaming Efficiency: The N-key rollover and customizable lighting are ideal for gaming, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Personalization: Hot-swappable switches allow for easy customization, appealing to users who like to tailor their typing experience.
  • Design and Build: The black and pink color scheme, combined with the solid build, adds a unique style to the user’s setup.


  • Price: As a high-end model, it may be a significant first purchase for those new to mechanical keyboards.
  • Complex Customization: The extensive customization options might be overwhelming for some users, especially those unfamiliar with similar technologies.


The Akko 3084B Plus Black & Pink stands out in the mechanical keyboard market for its blend of style, functionality, and customization. It's an excellent choice for both gaming and general use, providing a great experience in terms of typing and aesthetic appeal. This model is a solid build addition to the Akko series, making it a worthy purchase for keyboard enthusiasts.

How Akko Differs From Other Brands


Razer is known for its gaming-oriented products, often featuring RGB lighting and software integration for customization. Akko, in contrast, leans more towards a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design in their mechanical keyboards. While Razer focuses on high-end performance with a premium price tag, Akko provides a more varied range of options, appealing to both budget-conscious users and enthusiasts.


Apple keyboards are synonymous with minimalist design and seamless integration with Apple products. Akko keyboards, however, offer a more tactile and customizable experience typical of mechanical keyboards. They provide a wider range of switch types and programmable options, which are absent in Apple's more streamlined offerings.


Corsair is another major player in the gaming hardware sector, with keyboards that emphasize durability and advanced features like macro programming. Akko differentiates itself with its unique thematic designs and a broader variety of switch types, catering to a more diverse audience beyond just hardcore gamers.


HyperX keyboards are geared towards a balance of gaming performance and comfort. Akko keyboards stand apart with their vibrant designs and customizable features. Akko's approach to keyboard design focuses more on personal expression and a variety of typing experiences.


Samsung, primarily known for its electronics and not as a dedicated keyboard manufacturer like Akko, offers peripherals typically designed for general use rather than the specialized, customizable experience provided by Akko's mechanical keyboards.

Maintenance of The Mechanical Keyboard

Cleaning and Dusting

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the functionality and appearance of your mechanical keyboard. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove dust and debris from between the keys. For a deeper clean, carefully remove keycaps and clean them with mild soap and water, ensuring they are completely dry before reassembly.

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Keycap Replacement

Keycaps may wear down over time or you might simply want a new look. Replacing keycaps on Akko keyboards is usually straightforward. Make sure to purchase compatible keycaps and gently remove the old ones using a keycap puller, then snap the new ones into place.


To maintain a smooth keystroke, occasional lubrication of the switches may be necessary, especially for mechanical switches. Use a suitable switch lubricant, applying it carefully to avoid over-lubrication, which can attract more dust or cause malfunctions.

Firmware Updates

For programmable keyboards, keeping the firmware up-to-date ensures optimal performance and access to the latest features. Check the manufacturer's website regularly for updates and follow the provided instructions to update your keyboard.

Cable and Connector Care

Ensure the cable is not overly bent or stressed at the connection points. For detachable cables, connect and disconnect them gently to avoid damage to the ports.

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Professional Servicing

If you encounter any mechanical issues beyond basic maintenance, consider professional servicing, especially for complex problems like circuitry issues or non-functional keys.


To conclude, Akko keyboards, with their solid build and diverse range of models and switches, offer a unique option in the mechanical keyboard market. They stand out due to their blend of aesthetic appeal, functional diversity, and value for money, making them a strong choice for various users. Whether for gaming, work, or personal use, Akko provides quality keyboards that cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and needs.


  1. What makes Akko keyboards unique in the mechanical keyboard market? Akko keyboards stand out due to their unique designs, diverse range of switch types, and customizable features, catering to both aesthetic appeal and functional needs.
  2. Are Akko keyboards suitable for gaming? Yes, Akko keyboards are suitable for gaming, offering features like N-key rollover and programmable keys, although they are designed to cater to a broader audience beyond just gamers.
  3. Can I customize the keycaps and switches on Akko keyboards? Many Akko models offer customizable keycaps and hot-swappable switches, providing flexibility for personal customization.
  4. How do Akko keyboards compare in terms of price? Akko keyboards are generally priced competitively, offering a range of options from budget-friendly to premium models, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

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