best 50 inch tvs

Have you ever been stuck in the maze of TV sizes and wondered which one’s just right? The Goldilocks of TVs, perhaps? For many, the 50-inch TV perfectly balances size, functionality, and affordability.

Why Choose a 50-inch TV?

Size does matter, but bigger isn't always better. Let's delve into why 50 inches might be your ideal pick.


In modern apartments, space is a luxury. Unlike massive 75-inch screens, a 50-inch TV can fit snugly in your living room without overpowering. It's like having a mini cinema without turning your space into a theater.

Optimal Viewing Distance

Remember sitting in the front row of a cinema and craning your neck? Not fun. With a 50-inch TV, you can sit about 6 to 7 feet away for a comfortable viewing experience.


While we all dream of massive screens, our wallets might not agree. Fortunately, 50-inch TVs often come with a palatable price tag. Considerable screen experience without the big spend? Score!

Top Features to Look For

When you’re TV shopping, the plethora of features can be mind-boggling. Here’s what to keep an eye on:

4K and HDR

Resolution can transform your viewing experience. Always opt for 4K resolution for crisp, detailed imagery. Pair it with HDR, and you get richer colors and better contrast. It’s like upgrading from a kiddie pool to an Olympic-sized one.

Smart Capabilities

Have you ever wanted your TV to be as bright as your phone? Look for built-in streaming apps, voice assistants, and easy navigation. No more juggling multiple remotes!

Refresh Rate

Think of this as the TV’s heartbeat. A higher refresh rate means smoother motion, which is essential for action movies or sports. Aim for at least a 60Hz rate, but the faster, the better.

Connectivity Options

Multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and Wi-Fi are crucial. Why? Future-proofing, my friend. You don’t want to buy a new TV just because you got a new gaming console.

Top 50-inch TV Brands

There are giants in the TV world, and then there are the real game-changers. Here's the scoop.


A titan in the industry, Samsung offers impeccable picture quality and user-friendly interfaces. Their QLED technology? Chef's kiss!


With their OLED screens, LG TVs deliver unparalleled black levels and colors. Plus, their WebOS is as slick as they come.


Renowned for their color accuracy and image processing, Sony TVs are a cinephile's dream. Pair them with a good sound system, and you're golden.

Maintaining Your 50-inch TV

So, you’ve got the TV of your dreams. Now, keep it pristine!

Cleaning Tips

Use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner. No paper towels or harsh chemicals – treat your TV like its delicate flower.

Placement Considerations

Avoid direct sunlight and always ensure it has enough ventilation. You wouldn’t wear a winter coat in summer, would you? Your TV feels the same about heat.

Final Thoughts

Making the Decision

While TVs might seem vast and confusing, honing in on the right size and features can simplify your quest. A 50-inch TV is a sweet spot for many, offering a cinematic experience without breaking the bank or your living room space.


  1. How often should I clean my 50-inch TV?
    Depending on your environment's dust, a gentle wipe every week or two should suffice.
  2. Can I mount my 50-inch TV on the wall?
    Absolutely! Ensure you use a suitable wall mount and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Do I need a soundbar with my 50-inch TV?
    While many modern TVs have decent sound, a soundbar can elevate your audio experience to match the visuals.
  4. Are 50-inch TVs suitable for gaming?
    Yes, especially if they have features like low input lag and high refresh rates. Gamers, unite!
  5. Which is better: OLED or QLED for a 50-inch TV?
    It’s subjective. OLED offers better black levels and viewing angles, while QLED can be brighter and more color-rich.