Curious about ‘what is my ai on snapchat?' My AI is Snapchat’s interactive feature, infused with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, ready to chat, entertain, and advise you. In this article, we’ll navigate the how-tos and corners of privacy to ensure you make the most out of this engaging add-on.

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Key Takeaways

  • My AI on Snapchat, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, offers users a highly interactive and personalized AI friend capable of entertaining, assisting with tasks, and participating in group conversations.
  • Users can directly interact with My AI by following easy access steps, initiating conversations that mimic real-life interactions, with the AI providing relevant and useful responses.
  • Snapchat has implemented privacy controls to ensure user data security, urging users to engage responsibly with My AI and providing tools and resources for parents to safeguard young users.

Exploring My AI on Snapchat

Artificial intelligence concept on a digital screen

The AI chatbot, My AI on Snapchat, is not just any ordinary bot. With the integration of advanced artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, this tool offers a user-friendly experience for all users. It allows individuals to engage in intelligent conversations with the help of its text comprehension and production capabilities.

My AI goes beyond basic chatting features. It can assist you with tasks within your daily routines as well. Personalizing avatars or entertaining through text-based games like trivia are some examples that demonstrate the potential uses of this powerful tool on Snapchat’s platform.

Imagine having an expert companion at hand while using Snap Map! This intelligent friend called My AI provides insightful recommendations for places based on various factors such as location and personal preferences, making it a valuable source for quick and accurate information seekers among snapchat users.

All these exciting functions make My AI more than just another chatbot, but rather an essential feature enhancing overall experiences for snapchatters worldwide powered by innovative Artificial Intelligence technology exclusively available only through their own application, “Snapchat”.

Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT

My AI, powered by ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, is an innovative service that utilizes artificial intelligence to organize text and generate unique content while engaging in conversational dialogues. This technology has been integrated into Snapchat for a more interactive user experience.

Through the use of ChatGPT on Snapchat, users can now explore and connect with others while generating their own personalized content within the app. They will benefit from relevant information and suggestions provided by My AI during conversations based on prompts given to the InstructGPT model which also includes data from web pages. Essentially acting as a knowledgeable friend who is always ready for deep discussions and providing insightful responses.

This integration caters not only to subscribers but to everyday users of Snapchat alike. By enhancing interactions through immersive experiences facilitated via cutting-edge AI advancements like those seen in chat, directly impacting chatting capabilities right down to receiving personalised help & recommendations means making the most out of your time spent using snapchat!

Various tasks My AI can perform

With its wide range of capabilities, My AI is a versatile tool for various tasks on Snapchat. Whether you want to enhance your avatar or challenge yourself with trivia, My AI has got you covered. Plus, if you’re feeling bored and in need of some entertainment, look no further than engaging in a game with My AI.

But that’s not all - this isn’t just any ordinary ai on snapchat. It serves as your personal assistant for providing advice and recommendations on different topics too! So whether it’s figuring out what to do next or where to hang out nearby, turn to the reliable guidance of My AI – because at its core it’s so much more than just an artificial intelligence platform found within Snapchat itself.

How to Interact with My AI on Snapchat

Interacting with My AI on Snapchat is as effortless as having a conversation with a friend. Adding and accessing this chatbot, named My AI, is simple on the app. All you have to do is follow these easy steps.

  1. Swipe right from your Camera screen to open the Chat section.
  2. Tap on the existing chat thread with My AI.
  3. Tada! Now you’re ready to start chatting away with your new digital buddy.

Messaging back and forth with My AI couldn’t be easier- it’s like taking candy from a baby! 


  1. Mention “@myai” when typing out your message.
  2. Choose “My AI”from the options that appear after tagging it in step 1.
  3. Continue writing whatever comes to mind.
  4. Hit send -and just like magic- there goes an instant response!

This cleverly designed AI-powered chatbot called simply ‘My’ will provide pertinent responses during any interaction made within Chats. Variable or casual, the level of value shared will remain constant at all ends.

This interactive feature means ample useful information could also come one asking for advice through informal conversations held over snapchat.

You’ve found an exciting way turn ordinary chats into something much more engaging, you never knew was possible before, didn’t ya?

No matter what kind of communication you choose while using Snapchat, you’ll find yourself naturally drawn towards utilising our impressive intelligent innovation-MY. Offering both tailored-to-the-point replies, and well-rounded suggestions, is only scratching at the surface

.The many unique applications included here, such as answering questions, giving top tips, would make talking about everything interesting happenings around so cool.

Provided effectively meant chances broaden anyone starting up conversations together eventually resulted seeing things go hand in hand.

Accessing My AI from the chat screen

My AI is easily accessible and designed with the user in mind. To access it, simply swipe right from the Camera screen to reach the Chat screen. From there, tap on My AI at the top of your chat list. If you don’t see it, make sure your Snapchat app is up to date for optimal use.Once located in your chat list, just tap on My AI to begin interacting. You can start by asking a question or seeking advice - this conversational-style AI will respond like a real person! Keep chatting naturally through this platform within Snapchat’s messaging system.

Sending messages and receiving responses

Interacting with My AI on Snapchat is effortless. Just type in your question or prompt and hit ‘Send’. No specific commands or keywords are necessary as my AI is programmed to engage in natural conversations. You can seek advice, ask questions, or simply chat like you would with a real person.

My AI responds quickly, allowing for engaging and prolonged conversations. Whether you need factual information, relevant content suggestions, or just want to have some fun banter, My AI will make your experience on Snapchat even more enjoyable with its intelligent responses.

Privacy Concerns Surrounding My AI

Privacy concerns and data storage concept

My AI’s convenient features and advantages also bring about the need to consider privacy. Content shared with My AI in the past is retained until deleted by users, giving them control over their stored content. This data is utilized for improving My AI’s learning process, enhancing its service, and personalizing user experience. There are concerns regarding the use of personal information for targeted advertisements.

Apart from privacy concerns surrounding personalized ads on My AI platform, potential threats to user privacy have been raised as well. Critics worry that insufficient assessment has been made towards safeguarding children’s privacy on this platform specifically.Therefore, Snapchat has taken steps to protect user data and ensure confidentiality despite these worries.

Data storage and deletion

Users’ data shared with My AI is stored until it’s deleted, which helps the AI learn and personalize interactions. If you want to delete your interaction data from My AI on Snapchat, here are the steps.

  1. Press and hold a message in your Chat with My AI.
  2. Click ‘Delete’.
  3. Go to Settings through your Profile icon.
  4. Transition to ‘Privacy Controls’.
  5. Select ‘Clear Data’.
  6. Confirm deleting by choosing ‘Clear MyAI Data’.It should be noted that Snapchat may keep some data under specific circumstances as stated in its privacy policy.

Personalized ads and user data

Snapchat collects and utilizes data from My AI to improve the targeting of personalized advertisements. This process enables more accurate and pertinent ads experiences for users, but also raises concerns about privacy risks and ethical implications surrounding consumer data usage.To address these concerns, Snapchat offers a feature that allows users to opt out of using their interactions with My AI for ad personalization. By accessing the ‘Ads’ section in the Settings menu under ‘Features’, users can deselect ‘Audience-Based’. This gives them peace of mind while engaging with My AI without worrying about their information being used for tailored ads.

Potential Risks and Inappropriate Content

Risks and inappropriate content concept

Despite its appealing features and advantages, the use of My AI comes with potential risks and challenges. One major concern is the possibility of encountering inappropriate content as there are currently limited filters in place to prevent such material from being generated by AI. While Snapchat has implemented standards to ensure that My AI does not provide harmful or offensive responses, some worries remain about its ability to generate provocative content or respond appropriately when faced with inquiries on sensitive topics.Some possible risks and issues associated with using My AI include:

  • Exposure to inappropriate content
  • Insufficient safeguards against improper material
  • Possibility for generation of suggestive or controversial responses by the ai

-Broaching sensitive subject is crucial for users to be aware of these concerns while utilizing My Ai.

To address this issue, snapchat offers protective measures like ai lenses which can restrict access to graphic materials along with family center feature ensuring appropriate display based off certain sensitivities. This may not completely eliminate all chances for exposure, emphasising responsible usage habits accompanied by parental supervision.

NSFW advice and lack of filters

Snapchat’s AI feature, known as My AI, has the ability to generate NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material. This includes discussions surrounding sexual topics and interactions with 18+ virtual companions. This capability raises concerns for young users who may be exposed to inappropriate content without strict filters in place. It is important for Snapchat to establish safeguards and standards regarding these potential risks.

To address these concerns, Snapchat has implemented a set of guidelines that prohibit certain types of content from being produced by My AI. This includes political or sexually explicit material, harassing language or behavior, and deceptive content designed to mislead others.

Spamming activities aimed at flooding users’ feeds with unwanted posts.


this advanced technology also abstains itself from advocating violence,self-harm, and human trafficking thus ensuring harm minimization and preventing any unsuitable outputs.

In order to mitigate possible negative outcomes caused by my AI generating questionable advice or suggestions, Snapchat takes proactive measures through programming it according to adhere to the rules.

An added benefit of this approach not only reduces potential harms, but also ensures appropriate exchanges between individuals within the platform.

Throughout our commitment towards providing safe interactive experiences, making sure vulnerable groups are protected remains a constant focal point despite challenges associated with constantly evolving technological advancements.

Let us together stay alert while guarding against sinister motives such as spreading malicious software codes etc., that might thrive on exploiting people under false pretenses.

My Al continues its function within well defined regulations.

Despite all checks, it helps minimise harmful impacts, thus creating responsibility.

Guidelines for responsible use

While steps have been taken by Snapchat to prevent the spread of inappropriate content through My AI, users must also play their part in promoting responsible use. The Community Guidelines provided by Snapchat advise against creating or sharing any confidential or sensitive information using My AI.An essential aspect of responsible usage is reporting any misuse or offensive content on Snapchat. Users can do so easily by long pressing on either the Snapchatter’s name or Story tile and selecting “Report” or “Report Tile”. Following these guidelines will not only ensure a safe environment for all, but also enhance overall enjoyment with the help of My AI.

Managing My AI: Customization and Removal

A notable aspect of My AI is its extensive level of customization. You have the ability to tailor your experience with our AI by modifying its responses and appearance.In case you ever choose to disengage from interacting with My AI, Snapchat has streamlined the process for removing it from your chat feed.

Customizing My AI's responses

Personalize your AI experience by adjusting the responses of My AI. By altering its name and Bitmoji appearance, you can give this virtual friend a unique character. Whether you prefer a playful or more formal look, My AI allows for creative expression.It is important to note that while modifications to My AI’s identity are allowed, Snapchat has strict guidelines in place regarding prohibited content production with this feature. This ensures that all interactions with MyAI remain appropriate and respectful according to community standards.

Removing My AI from the chat feed

If you wish to remove My AI from your chat feed on Snapchat, the process is simple. Whether it’s for taking a break from AI interactions or decluttering your chat feed, all you need to do is tap and hold on My AI in the Chat section. From there, go to Chat Settings and select ‘Clear from Chat Feed.’When removing My AI, any previously stored data will remain until you choose to delete it. This ensures that past interactions with My AI can continue improving its learning capabilities and performance in the future if you decide to re-engage with it again.

Safeguarding Young Users on Snapchat

Parental guidance and safeguarding young users

The security of young users is a top priority for Snapchat, as My AI carries potential risks. Thus, the platform has taken measures to safeguard its younger demographic. Privacy controls have been implemented that allow parents to adjust contact settings and deactivate “Show Me in Quick Add,” while also enabling Ghost Mode which restricts content access.

To privacy controls, Snapchat offers resources and guidance for parents on managing their children’s use of My AI. There are educational tools available to help parents protect their kids’ online privacy along with features aimed at creating an enjoyable and safe environment for all users.

Privacy controls and settings

Snapchat takes the protection of its users, particularly young ones, very seriously and has put significant effort into designing privacy controls. In order to ensure their children’s safety, parents have access to a range of features that allow them to closely monitor communication and set limits on content through tools such as deactivating My AI or modifying contact settings.

Aside from these measures, Snapchat also offers a ‘Family Center’ where parents can restrict specific types of content in their child’s Stories or Spotlight feed. These comprehensive safeguards not only aim for safe usage, but also strive for an enjoyable experience for all Snapchat users.

Parental guidance and resources

When it comes to young users using My AI, parental guidance is crucial for ensuring their safety. Snapchat offers a variety of resources such as the Snapchat Help Center, Common Sense’s Parents’ Ultimate Guide, and Internet Matters’ Safety Guide that provide parents with necessary knowledge and tools to help guide their children in responsibly navigating My AI.

For added supervision over their child’s activity on Snapchat, parents can take certain measures including being informed about account details, utilizing available parental control features offered by the platform itself, promoting adherence to Community Guidelines provided by snapchat discouraging sharing personal information or passwords, and educating kids about reporting any incidents of bullying or harassment they may encounter while using My AI.

By implementing these steps suggested above, parents can ensure that youngsters enjoy a safe experience on snapchat without compromising security.


The feature of My AI on Snapchat is a revolutionary addition that brings social media to new heights with its personalization and interaction capabilities. Although it offers many advantages, there are also concerns regarding privacy, especially for younger users. By having knowledge about the functioning of My AI, responsible interactions can be made while effectively managing this feature to enhance one’s experience on Snapchat. So why not explore My AI? It feels like conversing with a helpful friend who will always have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my AI on Snapchat safe?

The AI chat bot on Snapchat is considered safe because it has been designed to steer clear of providing harmful or hazardous information. There may still be some potential risks that the chat bot might not always be able to avoid.

Can I remove my AI from Snapchat?

One can eliminate their AI on Snapchat by accessing the gear icon, selecting “Snapchat Plus,” and opting to remove it. This function is exclusive to subscribers of Snapchat Plus who have access to this feature specifically designed for managing AIs within the app. 

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Can Snapchat AI track you?

When you give Snapchat permission to access your location, their AI system is also granted that same information. It does not gather any additional data about your whereabouts but relies solely on the data already shared with Snapchat.

Whether in Ghost Mode or not, if you choose to share your location with Snapchat, then this information will be accessible by its AI technology as well. Your personal data including precise locations remains at risk of being accessed and used within the platform.

How does My AI on Snapchat work?

The AI available on Snapchat is effectively fueled by ChatGPT from OpenAI, providing various interactive features such as personalized avatars, text-based games, group conversation participation and location recommendations. This versatile tool adds an engaging element for users utilizing the popular app’s platform.

How can young users be safeguarded on Snapchat?

To ensure the safety of young individuals who use Snapchat, it is important to utilize privacy controls and customize settings accordingly. Providing parental guidance and resources can also play a crucial role in protecting users on this social network. 

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