Do you want to make your iPhone different from everyone else’s? Customizing it is a great way to express yourself and show off your style. One simple yet effective approach involves learning how to change the name of an iPhone, so that’s what we will discuss in this post. We’ll cover all the easy steps needed for renaming your device as well as why you would want to do this in the first place.

Plus, additional information on changing the name of hotspots connected with iPhones or even using a computer can be found here too! Some tips about selecting fun but creative names are also included, making sure each person ends up having their own special phone!

Key Takeaways

  • Quickly and easily change your iPhone name using the Settings app.
  • Personalize your device with a creative, unique name for recognition in multiple device environments.
  • Troubleshoot any issues by checking Apple ID settings, logging out/in of accounts or updating iOS, contact Apple if unresolved.

Quick and Easy Guide to Changing Your iPhone Name

iPhone on the home screen

To change your iPhone’s name is effortless. You just need to take some easy steps. These upcoming instructions will guide you through the whole process, from accessing Settings app up until saving a new desired name. Let’s begin!

Accessing the Settings App

To start, you must tap on the gray gear wheel icon located on your Home Screen to open the Settings app of your iPhone. This symbol has been familiar for more than eight years so it should be recognizable right away.

Navigating to General

Open the Settings app and tap on “General,” which is symbolized by a gear or wheel icon, to access settings. This tab can be found just above Display & Brightness in the menu.

Entering the About Page

Once you have reached the General tab, tap on “About” at the top of that page to view numerous details about your iPhone such as its name, software version number, model type and serial as well as IMEI numbers.

Changing Your iPhone's Name

Head to the About page of your iPhone and tap on “Name” at the top. Once you are there, delete whatever current name is present and input a new one before pressing “Done” so that it saves.Voila! You have now successfully altered your device’s moniker.

Personalizing Your iPhone: Why Change Your iPhone's Name?

How to change iPhone name

Now that you know how to rename your iPhone, let’s explore some of the advantages this provides. Personalizing it can make identifying and distinguishing among multiple Apple devices simple while also creating a sense of privacy when using Airdrop or Wi-Fi hotspot features.

Beyond these benefits, there are other scenarios where changing its name is beneficial – such as having several iPhones in one household. We will look at additional ways to personalize your device below along with times it will be visible on others’ screens if they have access to yours!

How to Rename Your iPhone Hotspot

Changing your iPhone’s personal hotspot name is identical to changing the device’s label. To do so, follow these steps and you’ll be able to easily identify it when connecting other devices. This can also help differentiate between multiple hotspots as they appear in a list of available networks while setting up connections on those respective gadgets.

Changing Your iPhone Name Using a Computer

For those who prefer to use their computer for modifying the name of their iPhone, connecting your device via USB lightning cable is necessary. You will be asked to trust the connection and it should show up on iTunes or Finder (depending if you are using macOS Catalina or later). Once selected, click on your mobile phone icon in order to change its title while at the same time synchronizing all changes made once saved.

Where Your iPhone Name Appears

You might ponder where your iPhone’s name will be shown. You can view the moniker for your device in Settings, Voicemail when linking AirPods and while utilizing Airdrop or Hotspot technology.

For example, if you connect to a pair of Airpods it would display on other devices as currently paired with that particular iPhone. Similarly, when using the phone’s hotspot capacity, its individualized name will become visible via searches from nearby Wi-Fi enabled appliances. This allows for easier recognition since each mobile has a distinct title displayed across multiple functions within the settings app itself.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

For a successful process of changing an iPhone’s name, some issues may arise. These can be failing to update the new title, seeing it revert back again or having no shift in the hotspot’s name. To sort this out it is recommended that you look at Apple ID settings and even consider signing out then returning into your account plus make sure iOS updates are installed on time too. Should any technical difficulties appear along with these changes, alerting Apple about them should help, given they continuously strive to improve their product for users across all platforms.

Tips for Choosing a Creative iPhone Name

When you decide to rename your iPhone, it can be helpful to select a title that reveals something about yourself. Using puns or references related to pop culture and personal interests is an excellent way of giving the device its own distinct identity. For instance, “WesterosiWifi” could signify Game Of Thrones fans while “TheApparition” cleverly relates back to apps on iPhones! Feel free to express your creative side when choosing an apt name for this gadget – make sure it has meaning behind it!


It is straightforward to personalize your iPhone and make it stand out by changing its name. Whether you want privacy, easier recognition between multiple devices or just for fun, renaming your phone gives a way to show off yourself. This guide aims at helping with knowledge and assurance so that the iPhone can be truly one’s own creation of personality in action. Why not try giving one’s device an individualized title today?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my iPhone user name?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap your profile and select Name, Phone Numbers, Email. Tap Edit to modify it with a different name then press Enter. Done when you’re finished.

What happens if I rename my iPhone?

Naming your iPhone differently will not alter any settings on the device in question. No changes to other configurations of this smartphone are necessary as a result.

How can I rename my iPhone hotspot?

In order to rename your iPhone’s personal hotspot, simply change the device name following the instructions in Section 1. This will result in a new title for your wireless connection being applied.

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