Best Electric Knife Sharpeners - Tested & Reviewed | 2023 Edition

A sharp knife is like a reliable friend in the kitchen – always ready to assist, making the cooking journey smoother and more enjoyable. Why settle for less when you can have precision and efficiency in every slice? That’s where electric knife sharpeners come in, and we’re here to explore the best options available in the market!


Knife sharpening is not just about maintaining your tools; it’s about enhancing your culinary experience. A sharp knife means precise cuts, less food preparation time, and a safer kitchen environment.

The Importance of Sharp Knives

Ever experienced the frustration of working with a dull knife? It's not just annoying; it’s dangerous. Dull knives require more force, increasing the risk of accidents. Moreover, they can damage the texture of your food, affecting the final dish.

Why Choose an Electric Knife Sharpener

Choosing an electric knife sharpener is like opting for convenience and efficiency. It’s a small investment for a lifetime of sharp knives and joyful cooking experiences.

Top 5 Electric Knife Sharpeners

We’ve scoured the market, conducted thorough research, and rounded up the top 5 electric knife sharpeners based on efficiency, durability, and price.

Criteria for Selection


How quickly and effectively does the sharpener work? The best ones will have your knives razor-sharp in no time!


A good electric knife sharpener should stand the test of time, remaining a valuable kitchen companion for years.


Quality doesn’t always have to break the bank. We’ve included options that offer great value for money.

Product Reviews

Product 1: SharpTech Pro

Key Features

SharpTech Pro boasts multiple sharpening stages, adjustable angles, and a compact design.

Pros and Cons

It’s a versatile and reliable choice, although some may find it a bit pricey.

Product 2: BladeMaster X

Key Features

BladeMaster X offers speedy sharpening, a user-friendly interface, and durable construction.

Pros and Cons

While it’s a bit on the louder side, the performance and durability justify the noise.

Product 3: EdgeWizard 3000

Key Features

With its advanced sharpening technology and safety features, EdgeWizard 3000 stands out.

Pros and Cons

It’s a premium choice with a premium price tag, but the investment is well worth it.

Product 4: GrindGenius Auto

Key Features

GrindGenius Auto impresses with its automatic blade positioning and efficient sharpening.

Pros and Cons

The price is mid-range, but the convenience and performance make it a steal.

Product 5: ElectraSharp Duo

Key Features

ElectraSharp Duo features dual sharpening slots and a sleek, space-saving design.

Pros and Cons

It’s an affordable option without compromising on quality, though it may not be as fast as some pricier models.

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Using an electric knife sharpener is a breeze once you know the basics. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started!

Preparing Your Knives

Before diving in, ensure your knives are clean and dry. This will help achieve the best results.

The Sharpening Process

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. Usually, it involves passing the knife through the slots a few times.

Safety Tips

Always handle knives carefully, and keep your hands away from the sharpening mechanism to avoid accidents.

Maintenance and Care

Your electric knife sharpener deserves love and care to keep it in top condition.


Regular cleaning is essential. Refer to the user manual for the recommended cleaning method.


Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture to prevent damage.

When to Replace

Over time, the sharpening mechanism can wear out. Monitor the performance and replace when necessary.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the best electric knife sharpener can revolutionize your kitchen experience. Investing in a quality sharpener ensures that you always have sharp knives at your disposal, making cooking more enjoyable and efficient. 


1. Can electric knife sharpeners handle all types of knives?

While many electric sharpeners are versatile, please always check the user manual to make sure it's compatible with different knife types.

2. How often should I clean my electric knife sharpener?

I recommend regular cleaning; please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidelines.

3. Are electric knife sharpeners safe to use?

Yes, they are designed with safety features, but always follow the user manual instructions and handle knives carefully.

4. Can I sharpen scissors or other tools with my knife sharpener?

Generally, they are designed for knives only, but some models may accommodate other tools. Please take a look at the product specifications for details.

5. Is it possible to over-sharpen a knife with an electric sharpener?

Yes, excessive sharpening can wear down the blade. Sharpen your knives only when necessary and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

6. Do electric knife sharpeners work with ceramic knives?

Some models are suitable for ceramic knives, but verifying this in the product’s user manual is crucial.

7. How long does it typically take to sharpen a knife with an electric sharpener?

It varies by model, but many can sharpen knives in minutes.

8. What’s the difference between a manual and an electric knife sharpener?

Electric sharpeners automate the process, often resulting in quicker and more consistent results than manual ones.

9. Will using an electric sharpener void my knife’s warranty?

Check your knife’s warranty information, as using sure sharpeners may affect the warranty status.

10. How do I know if my electric sharpener is compatible with serrated knives?

Refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for information on compatibility with serrated knives.

11. How long do electric knife sharpeners last?

A quality electric knife sharpener can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

12. Can I use an electric knife sharpener for my Japanese knives?

Some electric sharpeners are suitable for Japanese knives, but ensure to check the model’s specifications before use.

13. Are replacement parts available for electric knife sharpeners?

Many manufacturers offer replacement parts, but availability can vary. Could you check with the manufacturer for specific information?

14. What safety features should I look for in an electric knife sharpener?

Please look for non-slip bases, secure hand grips, and safety guards to protect your hands during sharpening.

15. How do I dispose of my electric knife sharpener when it reaches the end of its lifespan?

Refer to local recycling guidelines and the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper disposal of electronic products.

16. Are electric knife sharpeners any good?

Electric knife sharpeners offer convenience and efficiency, providing consistently sharp knives with minimal effort.

17. What is the best knife sharpener in the world?

It’s challenging to pinpoint the absolute best as it depends on individual needs and preferences, but brands like Chef’sChoice and Work Sharp are highly regarded in the industry.

18. What knife sharpeners do professionals use?

Professionals often use sharpening stones, honing rods, and high-quality electric or manual sharpeners from reputable brands.

19. What knife sharpener does Jamie Oliver use?

Jamie Oliver has been associated with various kitchen tools brands, so it’s best to check his official endorsements or recommendations for accurate information.